IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner is a Cloud application. It falls under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model. And while SaaS is perhaps the best-known segment of the cloud computing market many people still don't fully understand what that is - and how it helps them

Even if you don't know what SaaS is, you may have already had first-hand experience with cloud-based apps like Office 365, Salesforce Google Apps. These are all examples of SaaS applications. While they are accessible to you and everyone in your organization, they are installed on computers that are somewhere else, and that are managed by the application vendor.

This is terrifically powerful for business users. For one thing, SaaS application require little involvement from your IT department to install and maintain. Most IT departments are stressed with more work than they can handle. Moving applications to the cloud results in one less deployment that they have to worry about - which means the business users get the application - and the value it provides - faster.

Instead of a long IT project to buy and setup hardware and install and test software, a SaaS deployment typically involves "onboarding" a customer. Since the vendor manages the infrastructure, onboarding is really all about making sure you and your users understand how to use the system. Not so much teaching you new concepts, but helping you transfer what you know to a new model. It's not uncommon for training to be delivered using remote sessions or even videos and for the training to occur over just a few weeks.

Even though SaaS applications are delivered by a third party, your data is very secure. Technology, such as the ability to encrypt your data so no one else can see it ensures that data is unusable even in the unlikely event of a security breach.

In short, cloud technology especially SaaS, allows us to deliver applications like IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner to business users quickly, securely and in a way that is affordable to all fleet operators - not just the largest carriers. Ask us for details today!